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This app is amazing and I Love Every minute of it

Attention developers: please fix this

Scroll lag in keyboard and in app. Only problem that needs to be fixed

doesn't work

i love the emojis but they don't work.. i just says "copied" then when i paste it just shows a number and that's it :( such a waste of $2. can i get a refund please?

Please notice this and fix it.

I really was looking forward to using the icons and I like how easy it is to use, but there's one thing that gets me—The copy/pasting option, it juss doesn't work for me like @eggplantstosprey's problem. There must be a function there that's went horribly wrong, and please make an update to fix that. I would absolutely appreciate it like all of the others that are having the same issues or other issues.

Best app

I love it soo much

It's ok

It's funny and pretty cool but it does kinda lag

Not good

The app copy and paste doesn't work😒


The apps ok. It messes up a lot and won't let me type and closes out.

So Fun

This App is so fun to text with! It's Crazy how one little comment went so. great game

Love the stickers but doesn't work

The copy/paste function doesn't work at all for me, not worth the money please fix it soon


Poor app. Keyboard integration doesn't work. Copy/paste function fails every time. Very disappointing.

Yas Hoe

This app is better than any other app you can think of. Kimoji ain't got nothin on it 😆 Imma true Dani fan, so yahhhhh. Love ya hoe!

These emojis do not paste into text nessages!!!

and there is no spell check ... how bow dah...

App game on FLIZZEEEK

Just got out of a photo booth hole that I was in this app is so crazy!! All of the emoji's are so gorgeous I love you Danielle!

So funny

Emoji keyboard needs to be opened under settings and you have to "allow full access". It works! Love it!

Dopest mojis

Bhadmoji is where itzzz at! Funny AF! Great quality too!

BhadBhabie fan

If you are trying to late and it doesn't work go to keyboards and allow full access👍🏼 hope this helps looove the app !!!

Can't paste.

The emojis are cool. I cannot paste them once it has said copied and ready to paste. Please fix

Cash me outside!

I'm getting so many lolz with this app.

Rly gud

Add me on sc @ natalie_mayrie

Photobooth is super unique

Love this app, I like the photobooth feature I don't think I've seen that on any emoji app before !! Super cool designs too

K.O. Dem Hoez🥊🥊

copped dis joint you know, bouta rain game on dez hoez

Super Cool

I love this APP! So easy and fun to use


I love this app!! Add me in snap my user is VinnieAriana 😁


Every time it says ready to paste it doesn't paste the emoji please help

Love it!!

Love the photo booth part and the stickers I can add to my texts! Yassssss!!!


This kinda confusing at first and I wish I could use it on snap but it ok


This is so funny! I love it. Just downloaded

lovin it

juss bought this, the mojis are hella cute

The emojis are cool

The emojis are cute af. Also Danielle if you see this my ig is @spicy.sage twitter @spicy_sage

I'm in love

Buy these for sure


We from the same city so go rep that follow me on ig @thefckkingprincess


I love Dani and I am so glad she made an emoji app. She really is hustling it and I'm happy for her :) everyone should get it for whenever you want to be sassy or just joke around.


its got stickers for imessage and you can add them to your photos!!

Photo Booth option is lit!

It's fun being able to recreate your current images in your photo gallery and adding the designs. You can then share and post them on your social media & to your friends. Love slapping the stickers on iMessage also

Cool asf

Ya'll jealous.


How bow dah? She has her own Mojis!!!

LIT but not practical

Good emojis but I can't see anyone actually using this


dope as fukkkk

My mf baby

She bhadddd


You have to 17+ but yet this girl is 14? Lolol


Love love these emojis

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